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Summer School Programs

Summer School 2019

Summer School 2019 iconSummer School 2019title

Session1: June 17-July 5 (No School July 4)
Session 2: July 8-July 25
Monday – Friday: 8:00AM-1:30PM

Description:  Summer School is offered in two 3-week sessions which are the equivalent of semesters.  Students can take one class each session and are in that class for five hours of instruction with a break in mid-morning.  
Students who are absent for more than 10 hours of either session cannot receive credit and are dismissed from class once they have more than 10 hours of absence.

Courses Offered:
  • We anticipate that we will be able to offer the following:
  • English 1, 2 & 3
  •   Algebra 1
  •   World Studies 2
  •   Modern European History
  •   US History
  •   Biology
  •   PE
Eligible Students:
For students who need to make up an F in a course required for graduation. Priority is given to students that meet Summer School Criteria related to total credits earned and number of support classes.

Students are registered by their guidance counselor. Please contact your student’s guidance counselor with questions.
Principal: Stephen Ready ( & Shaheen Mohammed (
Compass Program 2019

Compass Program 2019 iconCompass Program 2019title

Compass is a four week a summer transition program for incoming 9th graders to M-A. Students will preview high school courses and participate in activities that will help them navigate the M-A campus.
Students are recruited in the spring of their eighth grade year from SUHSD’s partner middle schools with priority given to students from East Palo Alto and Belle Haven neighborhoods.  Our focus is on students with academic, economic, personal, or environmental issues that may impede success in high school. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information contact Coordinator, Jennifer Taylor-Smith, at

Compass Dates: June 18th- July 12th, 2019


Summer Calculus Classes 2020

Summer Calculus Classes 2020 iconSummer Calculus Classes 2020title

Download Summer Calculus APPLICATION

Join the Summer Calculus database

Enrollment Process
To enroll in the Summer Calculus classes students must submit a paper application to their counselor AND join the Summer Calculus database

Dates and Times of Classes
Summer school begins on Monday, June 8th and ends on Thursday, July 2nd.  Classes are everyday from 8 am to 12 noon. 
Summer Calculus classes are for M-A students who earn an “A” or “B” in Pre-Calculus.

Purpose of the Summer Program
The summer program covers the Fall Semester of AP Calculus AB.  Students who successfully complete the summer course with a “B” or higher will then be eligible to enroll in AP Calculus BC in the fall semester.  Sophomores do not need to participate in the summer program if they instead take AP Calculus AB as a junior and they then can enroll in AP Calculus as a Senior.

The Lottery
M-A has never had the need for a lottery in the past but in case we have more classes than instructors we will hold a lottery.  The lottery will work as follows:

1. All “A” students in Pre-Calculus will be accepted before “B” students in Pre-Calculus are enrolled. If we have more “A” students than we can enroll, we will have a lottery among “A” students.
2. If we still room after all “A” students are enrolled, we will have a lottery for the remaining spots for the “B” students.

The Teachers
Teachers for 2020 are Mr. Wong and Mr. Dao.

Send an email to Mr. Whitnah at

Summer Calculus Class Funding
The expenses of the classes are paid for by parent donations and partially by the Foundation for the Future as necessary.  The recommended donation is $300 or more but families can donate whatever is reasonable depending on their financial situation.  Students can enroll for free if parents are unable to donate.  Donations will be asked for in the late spring, after enrollments have been confirmed.


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