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Administrators iconAdministratorstitle

OUR 2019-20Admin Team
M-A Admin Pic 2019-20
 Principal Simone Rick-Kennel Simone
  • Instructional Vision & Mission
  • School Governance
  • Community Relations
  • Construction
  • WASC
Secretary: Noemy Menjivar x50111
 Karl Loosekoot Portrait 201920 Karl
Instructional Vice-Principal
     • Course placement
     • Guidance department
     • Instructional materials & programs
     • Student schedules
     • Special Programs
Secretary: Lorry Orcutt  x50113
 Nick Muys Portrait 201920
Administrative Vice-Principal
9th/10th grade- Last names A-L
     • After School Tutoring 9/10
     • Transportation / Parking
     • Student Discipline
     • Support Services  
Secretary: Angel Bugarini x50131
 Emily Rigotti Portrait 201920
Administrative Vice-Principal
9th/10th grade- Last names M-Z
     • Campus Supervision
     • Facility Use - Calendar requests
     • Student Discipline
     • Student Activities
Secretary: Blanca Ventura x50134
 Stephen Emmi Portrait 201920
Administrative Vice-Principal
11th/12th grade
     • Athletics
     • Facility Maintenance 
     • Truancy
     • Student Discipline
Secretary: Ofa Taimani x50133

Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants iconAdministrative Assistantstitle

 Noemy Menjivar, Principal
Principal's Secretary
     • Appointments with Mrs. Rick Kennel
     • Staffing Needs
 Lori Orcutt, Instructional Vice-Principal IVP Secretary
     • Testing
     • Accommodations
     • Shadowing Information
     • Student Schedules
     • Special Programs
 Ofa Shot 1 AVP Secretary
     • Truancy Issues
     • Athletics
     • Student Discipline           
 Angel Bugarini
AVP Secretary
     • Student Parking
     • Student Discipline
     • Field Trips and Transportation
 Blanca Ventura
AVP Secretary
     • Facility Use
     • Student Discipline
     • Redwood Applications
Attendance Office

Attendance Office iconAttendance Officetitle

Adriana Gonzalez, Attendance Office
  650-322-5311 ext.50101
Contact me for:
Permits to leave school
Excused absences
Absence corrections or verifications
Health Office

Health Office iconHealth Officetitle

Tanya Edington, School Nurse
Tonya Edgington, Health Clerk
(650) 322-5311 ext.50129
Contact me for:
Immunization/Vaccine Questions
Health Insurance Information
Questions/Concerns Regarding Health Absences
Vision/Hearing Concerns
Verification of Health Absences (Doctor's Notes)
  Sports Clearances - Page 5 of the Sports Packet (Doctor approval)
For access to resources in our area please click on the following links below:  
REMINDER: Medications of any kind, including Tylenol, Aspirin, cough drops, and Motrin, etc. are not permitted on campus without written consent from a physician and parent in the Health Office.

Please follow this link for medical forms and vaccination information.
Kristin Coronado, RN, BSN, PHN
District Nurse
Menlo-Atherton High School, 650-322-5311 x50159

On site at Menlo-Atherton every Thursday and Friday to provide the following:
Health assessments on students who are ill
Consult with families about students needing health care
Assist with questions about special education, accommodations in the classroom for students with chronic Illness, home teaching and medical resources
Health counseling
Hearing and Vision Screenings

Treasurer iconTreasurertitle

Alex Egbert, Treasurer Menlo-Atherton
Alex Egbert, Treasurer
(650) 322-5311 ext. 50118
  Contact me for:
  School Payment Information
  Late Fees
  PAL Fees
  ASB Accounts


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